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The Learning Circles Course
iEARN Schools Communicating Through Learning Circles


Final Projects
Learing Circles Course

Spring 2007


Middle School:

Elizabeth Bottiglia
Grade 6
Rocco Laurie Intermediate School 72
Staten Island, New York, USA

Topic - Learning About Countries through News
Download document- learningThroughNews.doc (1.3 MB)

Yau Sook Fun
Year 6
S. K. Sungai Dendang ( Sungai Dendang Primary School )
Perak, Malaysia

Topic - Amazing Places
Download document- amazingPlaces.doc (1.5 MB)


High School Group 1:

Mohammed Al Jamal
Grade 10
Ahmed Al Omran Secondary Boys School
Manama, Bahrain

Topic - Young Chatters or Big Cheaters
Download Powerpoint presentation- chatting.pps (1.5 MB)
Download document- StudentsSurveyResults.pdf (284 KB)
Download document- ParentsSurveyAnalysis.pdf (140 KB)
Download document- Parents attitude Sketch.pdf (708 KB)
Download document- KHAWLA's Contribution.pdf (104 KB)

Ameera A Balushi
Grade 12
Isa Town Secondary Commercial Girls' School - 1710
Isa Town
, Bahrain
Topic - Youth Entertainment, Past and Present
Download document- entertainment.ppt (732 KB)

Amal Malalla
Grade 12
Khawla Secondary Girls School
Manama, Bahrain
Topic - A New Home
Download PowerPoint presentation - newHome.ppt (2.9 MB)



High School Group 2:

Sabah Banna
2nd Year Secondary

Isa Town, Bahrain
Topic - How Can Family Values Reduce Violence
Download PowerPoint presentation - reducingViolence.ppt (1.7 MB)
Download PowerPoint presentation - storiesFromSociety.ppt (68 KB)

Seddiqa Ahmed Saleh
Grade 12
Khawla Secondary Girls School
Manama, Bahrain

Topic - Studying Abroad
Download PowerPoint presentation - studyAbroad.ppt (1.7 MB)

Fahimeh Seifnourian
Grade 10
Saba High School
Tehran, Iran

Topic - About Love
Download document- aboutLove.doc (120 KB)