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The Learning Circles Course
iEARN Schools Communicating Through Learning Circles


Final Projects
Learing Circles Course

Spring 2009


Elementary/Middle School:

Cristie Christopher
Grade 5
Cambridge Elementary School
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Topic - Going For Global Green
Download PowerPoint presentation - globalGreen.ppt (30.7 MB)

Bertha Ngahan
Grade 6
Madang International School
Madang, Madang Province, Papua New Guinea

Topic - DOYRECA – Do You Really Care
Download document - project.doc (1.1 MB)

Comsa Mihaela Paula
Grade Level 2
Dan Barbilian School
Constanta, Romania

Topic - Roots For the Future
Download document - rootsFuture.docx (Word 2008; 19.0 MB)


High School: Science and Technology

Nicholas Ochanda
Grade Level 17-25
TGN: Biogeography
College of Education and External Studies
University of Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya
Topic - ICT Links Students To Their Communities
Project Website -

Safiya Mustafa
Grade Level 10
Al Noor Secondary Girls’ School
Isa Town
, Bahrain
Topic - The Four Elements
Download document - fourElements.pdf (364 KB)
Download PowerPoint presentation - fourElements.ppt (1.1 MB)


High School Group: World Issues

Nisreen Al-Bani
Grade Level 11
Al Basel Secondary School for Preeminent of Damascus

Damascus, Syria
Topic - Producing Electricity
Download document - producingElectricity.doc (60 KB)

Lilian Nyaranga
Form 2 and 3
Keveye Girls High School
Maragoli, Kenya

Topic - Youth and Their Contribution to Peace in a Nation
Download document - project.doc (1.1 MB)

Moza Hamdan Hassan Al Muqbali
Grade Level 12
Um Salama Basic School for Girls
Sohar, Sultanate of Oman

Topic - Minds Chat
Download PowerPoint presentation - mindsChat.ppt (636 KB)


High School Group: The Influence of Culture

Ali Fatima
Grade Level 11
Al-Ahd Al-Zaher Secondary Girls' School
Hamad Town, Bahrain

Topic - Understanding Culture - Culture and Personality
Download document - culturePersonality.pdf (3.9 MB)
Download PowerPoint presentation - culturePersonality.ppt (5.3 MB)

Hooria Hafedh
Grade Level 12
Al Hoora Secondary School
Manama, Bahrain

Topic - You Are Michelangelo of Your Life
Download document - secretBrochure.pdf (328 KB)
Download PowerPoint presentation - secretTeachings.ppt (1.4 MB)

Jane Peters
Grade Level
iEARN Sierra Leone
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Topic - My Culture
Download document - project.doc (1.1 MB)