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Energy and the Environment Learning Circles


Energy and the Environment focuses students' attention on how our energy needs interact with the stability of our environment. Student are encouraged to explore the fragile balance between the economics of modern technology and the health and future of our planet. Student explore issues from energy consumption to environmental ethics. Working in teams, students explore the basic forces of nature by sharing local information, experimental observations, and insights into problems that face us as we move into the next millennium.

Students work together to publish an issue of the Energy and Environment Newsletter describing their Learning Circle projects. The goal of the Learning Circle is to extend the learning that takes place in the curriculum of each class by exchanging data, analysis and information. Student are encouraged to sponsor projects that are likely to be affected by differences in local environmental conditions such as identifying particles in lakes and streams, measuring the amount of sunlight, and comparing fuel efficiency and water usage.

Student can also offer ideas for experiments, use of materials or discuss explanations or interpretations of the findings reported by one of the Leaning Circle classes. Student can work together to explore nuclear energy, problems of toxic waste, contamination of ground water, degradability of different materials, benefits and problems associated with the use of plastics, and problems caused by agricultural pests and pesticides.

More information and examples coming soon.

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