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Global Issues

The Global Issues theme focuses discussion on a broad range of environmental social, political, and economic issues with concern and affect the Earth's entire population. Considering the countless issues that face the Earth's inhabitants, this curriculum encompasses many subject areas including sociology, science, government, history, and economics.

The final publication for this theme is the Global Issues Review. Students may choose to study sociological issues such as worldwide starvation and poverty, harmful and persuasive media, racism, or terrorism. Some science-related issues include nuclear weapons, protection of natural resources, pollution, changing weather patterns, and genetic engineering.

Possible government issues include: national conflict and cooperation, the role of the United Nations, and the development of emerging democracies. Examining world reactions to current events such as the change in Cold War politics, the rapid developments in Eastern Europe, China, and the Middle East are excellent historical and current applications. Economic issues include government responses to oil spills and supply disruption of natural resources such as oil.

Global Issues Curriculum Guide coming soon.

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