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The Learning Circle Teacher Guide provides a structural approach to promoting cross-classroom collaboration with telecommunications. The first chapter is a condensed version of the whole guide. If you want to understand this model of online teaching and learning, this first chapter is a good place to begin.

Learning Circle Introduction

The Learning Circle Teacher's Guide is organized around the six phases of Circle interaction:


The description of each Learning Circle phase has a similar structure. It begins with a brief narrative about Micelle and her students in Hawaii as they work in their Learning Circle. Detailed directions and examples of the activities that are involved in each phase are described. The phase description ends with teacher comments related to the activities of that phase and a checklist of phase activities.

The narrative of Learning Circles interaction can be read--from beginning to end--by following the links at the book of the each narrative. Similarly, the checklists are linked to make it easy to print them as a quick summary of each phase. Each Learning Circle phase is presented in a darker shade of yellow to help you see the progression through time. If you follow a link to more detailed information about a specific phase, it will be in the same shade of yellow. However if you see a lighter or darker shade, this indicates that the linked information comes from an earlier or later phase of Learning Circle interaction.

Learning Circle Phase Structure


In describing Learning Circles interaction, there are frequent links to different Learning Circles themes. These themes tie Learning Circle interaction to the curriculum. If you are familiar with Learning Circle structure, you might want to begin with the material for a specific Learning Circle theme. The themes contain very specific classroom suggestions. All themes have a white background and pages are marked by the following theme icons:

Learning Circle Themes

Computer Chronicles
Places and Perspectives
Society's Problems
Mind Works
Energy and the Environment
Global Issues

If your interest is reading about network projects or finding
lesson plans for cross-classroom collaboration, you may want
to begin with Phase 3: Planning projects.


If you want to see a detailed table of contents of the guide, you can use the Learning Circle guide icon found at the bottom of most pages. I hope these navigation hints help you read through this guide. I welcome your comments.

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