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I find that each time out experiences from the previous year are a perfect way to introduce students to their participation in Learning Circles. I get some of my students from last year to visit my classroom and show off their publication. The students are in awe of what these older students accomplished. They are soo.. impressed! (I think that a few of them are thinking about when they finish, how proud they will be making this presentation next year.) Then we look at the kid pix slide show they created while my experienced "teachers" explain what will happen over the session. By then my students are all excited and can't wait to find out who will be our partners and when we will be able to get started.

Marilyn Wall
John Wayland Elementary
Bridgewater, Virginia


We couldn't find a more innovative project than Learning Circles! We find that our students are constantly asking for computer time to do more writing. What a change from years past when we had to urge and cajole some of them into doing an assignment.

Caroline McCullen & the Dolphin Team
Maitland Middle School
Maitland, Florida

Each learning circle is different, because students are encouraged to bring a part of themselves to the process. Learning Circles reach out providing teachers and students new opportunities for discovery and learning. The Learning Circles provide the forum for challenge. They open the door for fabulous learning experiences. They do not tell us what to do. They do not prescribe a task, or ask for simple answers to a set of questions. They simply make it possible for people who have never met, to work together constructively and to plan and finish challenges that are centered around a common theme. They require a lot of thinking, effort, planning, cooperation, and compromise. It is hard work, and the expectations are high, but the results are worth it.

Phillip Clarenville
Newfoundland, Canada


Learning to use new technology helps me as a teacher be more understanding to kids who might have difficulty learning new concepts. Sometimes we as teachers can forget how challenging it is to master new skills. In Learning Circles I have seen how the encouragement and support from other teachers made a difference in helping me learn new skills. For me, in turn, I am able to be more aware of the need for kind, encouraging words to my students, because I received so may kind and encouraging words from my Learning Circles partners as I get started each time.

Clare Devine
Tom Rivers, NJ

Date: Thu Oct 24 13:09:00 EST 1991
From: !lafttntny001 (Wendy W DOYLE )
To: !core:one


Hi Gang!

I Love This Group!!!

Boy! Was I ever lucky to be put in with a group of professionals who are not only creative, helpful, and intelligent, but also are a bit mischievous and free-spirited. I feel so at ease talking and working with you. I was so intimidated at first, but you have made me feel "right at home" with this program and telecommunication in general.



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