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Message Subject Headers

If everyone uses a similar header for messages, they will be easier to recognize (and locate at some later time). At the end of each section of this guide, you will find some conventions for subject headers that may help in the identification of stored messages. For example, if the messages were arranged by subject headers, all of the teacher "hello" messages and all of the Classroom Surveys would appear together. These are suggestions and your Circle may choose to use other conventions

For this example, we will assume that the teacher is Bill Kennedy from Indian Creek Middle School (IC), New Mexico. Bill decides to use his last name and students decide to use the school initials with state initials to mark their messages.

Type of Message             Subject Header Suggestion

Teacher's First Hello           Bill Kennedy "Hello" 
Class Survey                    Indian Creek(IC/NM) Survey
Messages from the teacher       Kennedy/NM-[descriptive phrase]
Messages from students          IC/NM-[descriptive phrase]

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