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The Teacher Hello Message --Getting to Know You!

There are many ways to introduce yourself to your Learning Circle partners and there is no need for everyone to use the same strategy for the Teacher Hello message.

Learning Circle Facilitator Bill Burrall suggests " self-portraits " as a way to organized some common information about oneself.

A great suggestion from Margaret Honey at Education Development Center is for teachers to write a vivid description of a video pan of the classroom. What would we see if a camera was to capture a lesson or activity that takes place in your classroom? Or what would the view be like during a quiet moment when most of the occupants are at work or before they arrive? (This idea can also be adapted as an introductory activity for students).

Another form of introduction is to write a brief response to one or more of these questions:

  • Why did you become a teacher?
  • What do you most like about teaching?
  • What was a teaching experience that changed you?
  • How did you come to use telecommunications with your student?

However you decide to introduce yourself, you can be sure that there will be teachers eager to meet you!

Self Portraits

Bill really enjoyed reading the self-portraits that were shared during his Learning Circle session! He suggests the following guidelines....


Hi partners,

As a Learning Circle Teacher or Coordinator you will be sending and receiving numerous messages during your Learning Network session. You will be getting to know fellow educators all over the USA and throughout the world. What better way to introduce yourself to them than sending a self-portrait to provide a mental picture for your colleagues. You may customize your self-portrait in any manner you wish. Below is an example:


Name: Bill Burrall
Location: Moundsville Jr. High School, West Virginia
Age: 41
Years Teaching: 20
Subjects: French I, Computer Literacy
Degree: BA-French, Social Studies
MA+50 Education Administration, Computers
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 245 (Conservative guess!)
Married: Linda, RN - West Virginia University Hospital
Children: Chad, 18 --- Freshman, WVU Alissa, 15 - High School Sophomore
Educational Interests: Telecommunications, Adult Computer Literacy, Science
Hobbies: Basketball, Bass & Walleye Fishing, Computers,
Reading, Astronomy, Star Trek Movies, & Cooking (see weight)
Anti-Hobbies: Housework

I look forward to learning more about you,

Bill Burrall
Learning Circle Coordinator
Moundsville Jr. High School

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