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Characteristics of Successful

Learning Circle Projects

1. The information requested is likely to show interesting cultural and regional variation. Projects should be designed to take advantage of the diversity represented in the Learning Circle. Having students investigate the characteristics of their own environment in relationship to others is a very effective teaching and learning tool.

2. The request for project information is reasonable in scope and can be completed without a large investment of classroom time. Remember, there will be many interesting Learning Circle projects sponsored in your Learning Circle. In most cases, participating teachers should be able to organize a response to your project across one or two class periods.

3. The sponsored project extends the classroom curriculum. Learning Circle projects are an especially effective way to learn when they are tied to more extensive learning activities that take place in the classroom. Adding regional information to your lessons or providing a "hands on" cooperative learning activity to demonstrate a concept are very effective ways of extending classroom instruction.

4. The project information collected will be of interest to a wide audience of students, teachers, parents, and others who read the publication. The Circle publication summarizing the collected information is a unique and current document. The student viewpoint as well as the information itself can be of great interest to other students and adults in the community.




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