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Students' Planning Messages

Here are two examples of student planning messages

for Learning Circle projects.

From:!grantsca003 (Sue Smith)
Date: Fri  Feb 26 11:54 GMT 1993
To: !sc1:cir
Subject: Proj. G.S./CA - Solar Energy
Dear Circle partners,
We are studying the difference between renewable 
and nonrenewable energy sources.   Our class is 
going to sponsor a project that looks at uses of 
solar energy and then we are going to suggest that 
you interview someone about the possibilities of 
solar energy.  Here are our questions:
1.  What do you use solar energy for in your area?  
Please make a list of all of the things that you 
can think of.  We have started our list.  We are 
making guesses about what things you will have on 
your list.  Maybe you will surprise us. 
2. Which of the things on your  list are new inventions? 
The sun has been around for a long time but it 
seems  like there are a lot of new things that 
are solar powered.  We think there will be many 
new things.
3. Interview a scientist, a science teacher, or 
someone who knows a lot about energy.  Ask them to 
describe the solar inventions that they think will be 
available in the year 2000.  We think it will 
be fun to find out what people think  will be 
done in the future.
We would also like to know what you are studying 
about energy.  Do you study renewable and nonrenewable 
energy sources?  We just got new science books 
this year and our teacher is very excited about 
them.  Do you have science books?  What are they called?
We know you will write back real fast, right???
The rad 6th graders
Grant School,  CA
P.S.  We have a great film  (VHS) on solar cars 
and some materials on solar energy that  we 
can loan to anyone who is interested! --S. Smith
From:!northscn003 (Marie La Bec)
Date: Fri  Feb 26 11:54 GMT 1993
To: !sc1:cir
Subject: Proj. N.S./CAN - Student Employment
Dear Circle partners,
Hi.  The students at Grant are interested in 
finding out if you have jobs outside of your 
houses and if you do, how many hours you work 
and how much money you can earn.  We are looking 
for any type of writing on work.  It could be poems, 
essays, stories, plays, or survey results.  We are 
including some questions that might give you ideas 
about what to write about.  We had a class discussion 
to come up with these questions.
 1.  What do students in your area do to earn money?
 2.  How many students in a class are likely to have jobs?
 3.  What are the best jobs to have?
 4.  What is the best time to have a job when you 
     are in school?  After school? Evenings?  Weekend?
 5.  How much money do kids who have jobs earn?
 6.  What do you do with the money that you earn?
 7.  What is the easiest way to earn money in your 
     location?  Why?
 8.  What is the most difficult way to earn money 
     in your location?  Why?
 9.  What is the best reason for having or not having 
     a job?
10.  What is the best way to get a job?
Don't worry....You don't have to answer all of these 
questions in one article.  We just wanted to give you 
some ideas of the things we wanted to know about you 
and your working experience.  
We are hoping that each school will send us  3-6 articles. 
Our plan is to have one page for each school so our 
section will be about 8 pages.
So.....send us something soon....
	we are just sitting here waiting for your messages!!!
Your Canadian partners,
North Strathcone School



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