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Weekly Update Messages

Here are two examples of weekly update message:
From:stagnenj002(Erica Reilly)
Date: Mon Apr 23 13:16:20 EDT 1990
To: !sc1:cir
Subject: Erica/NJ - Update on our projects
Hello to Everyone!
       The students in my class are really busy with the surveys
and projects. We are planning to race our tin can race cars on 
Wednesday. It is so great to see the students  working so hard.
We are sending a long message with student work on Friday. We 
will also include our bi-weekly chart letting you know how we 
are doing on each of the projects, so this will be a short message.
>>>>>>>>>>  To Terry and the students in Palm Springs <<<<<<<<<<<
Terry, you can assure your students that we will be keeping 
track of the wind speed here each day.  I think we generally 
have more than the 10 miles an hour that your students said 
was necessary for considering wind energy.  Thanks for the 
information that you sent.
>>>>>>>> Mrs. Hunt and the students in Baton Rouge <<<<<<<<<<<<<
You must be very busy with your special project with the university.
We are having fun finding machines in nature, once we understood 
what you meant.  We have your survey posted and we have sent it
 around to some of the other classes for their collective
 brainstorming. Your good ideas are getting a lot of attention 
>>>>>>>>>  Good work,  Alaska!!!!!!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The students from Alaska have been very busy and we are 
impressed with all the writing they have sent.  Please let 
Tanya know that her history of the Alaskan pipeline was 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Special Get Well Wishes for David <<<<<<<<<<<<
We were sorry to hear about David's bicycle accident. We realize 
that he was doing his  part for the environment by riding his
bike to school.  Glad to hear that he was wearing a helmet. 
We have just been discussing bike safety.  Please send the 
address of the hospital and my students will send him some
get well cards.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  School and Parent  Involvement   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
I want you all to know that your students' work will be 
proudly displayed in the front office.  The principal suggested 
that we use the bulletin board that is just outside her office.  
The kids love running down the hall to post the new messages.  
I see kids from all different classes stopping to look over 
the pictures.  Thanks for sending them. 
I never realized how useful this project would be for involving 
the parents of my kids.  They go home and tell their parents 
about your projects and the next thing I know,  the parents are
 sending materials into the classroom.   I just found out that
one of the kids has a neighbor who works at our local power 
plant.  He volunteered to come to my class and thinks he can 
arrange for us to visit him at work.  Another student brought 
in a model of a windmill that her uncle had designed years ago.
We will be going on break next week but I'll be checking mail 
at least once midweek and maybe twice.   A friend gave me a 
modem and I am going to see if I can get it  to work with my 
computer at home.  Wish me luck!!!  Now I must go home or my 
two kids will wonder what has become of their mom! 
Erica Reilly,  Middleton, NJ
And here is a second example:
From: !valleypa012 (Lauren Depuis)
Date: Fri  Mar 26 18:37 GMT 1993
To: !sp2:cir
Subject: V.F./PA - Weekly Report -  March 26
Hello Everyone:
What is it like in your neck of the world?
Our Learning Network class is working on some personal responses
 to messages from West Germany.  We'll be sending these to the 
circle later today or on Monday.
Here is an update from your Pennsylvania reporters-- we are 
keeping track of the number of articles we have sent to each 
of your sections!
Newspaper    Sponsor (location)  This Week   To date
----------   ----------------    --------   ---------- 
News         CAN                 0           2
Opinions     WA	                 1           3
Earth Day    NY	                 2           3
Literature   MA                  0           5
Sports       FL                  2           6
Travel       AUS                 0           1
World Econ.  FWG                 2           4
Business     PA (us)             2           4 
I have a group that is working on the information that our
Indiana students have requested, but they are not going to 
send it until they are finished with each of the sections.  
I suspect that you will not see anything until mid-April,
but I wanted to let you know that WE ARE working on it, 
so don't worry.  We have sent something for each of the 
other sections and I suspect we will continue to send 
about 5 finished articles each week.  It takes us awhile 
to go through the editing process. 
Thanks to Jerome, Mary, Patrick, Carlos, and Serrena for 
the articles this week!  Our editors were excited to see 
Lauren Depuis, Valley Forge, PA



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