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Message Subject Headers

You will be exchanging student work in a conferencing system that provides some structure to the messages. But it is still important to use the subject headers wisely to help Students at other schools will be searching their mail for information from you on their project. Consistent information in the subject line will make it easier for students to locate your messages once they have been downloaded from the conference.

In this example, we will assume that Jim Winterwick and the students from Basking Ridge Junior High, New Jersey are sending messages.

Type of Message                    Subject Header Suggestion

Student work on project [project name] NJ/USA->JP
Project update from teacher Jim/AUS-Update [...]
Questions or info from students BRJH/CAN-[...]

If these subject headers seem difficult to remember, don't worry. The purpose of this advice is just to help you think of ways of using the subject headers in a way that helps everyone keep track of work. Your Learning Circle may want to evolve your own procedures and you will see examples as you read your online mail.



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