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Printing Your Project Summary -

The fastest way to move the text from email to a word processing programs is to copy the text and then paste it.

Students often enjoy working on the layout for either a print or online publication.You can leave space for students to add art work done either by hand or on the computer. You will need to make a good copy of your project summary for each of the other classrooms in your Learning Circle. Mail one copy of your section to mail to each of the classrooms that participated in your Circle. If you are creating an online publication, send the link so that each of the schools can link to your students' work. If some of the schools do not have easy web access, you might want to send them a print version even if you are creating a web document.


Tell your Circle partners when you will mail the project summary or the link to your website. Students from other locations will be waiting and watching the mail and it can be very disappointing if nothing appears. If you let the others know when you mail it, they will be able to predict when it will arrive.



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