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We are pleased to present this section of the newspaper as a collective efforts of students from:

-Edmonds Cyberschool,USA

-school 7,Kazakhstan

-school 103, Kazakhstan

-Gan Nahum Gymnasium, Israel


-school 113 with ecological profile, Belarus

-Academic Lycee under UWED, Uzbekistan



Academic Lycee under UWED

Our project is Positive Things in Our Life. Our life isn’t easy sometimes especially if you are a pessimist. An optimist sees the best in the world, while  a pessimist sees only  the worst. An optimist finds the positive in the negative, and a pessimist can only find the negative in the positive. That’s why we think it’s important to be an optimist in our lives. We asked our Circle Mates to share their ideas about positive sides of life. We wanted to compare the best things for the students from the places where they live. We also wanted to collect ideas how to think positive and learn to be optimists in our life.

We would like to thank the schools that sent information for our project.

The Best Positive Things in Our Life

 Family supports and protects us. What we have and what

    we  are  we owe our family.   

 Friends make our life sensible. It’s impossible to survive             without those who understand us and share our opinions.

 Study is interesting and it gives opportunity for better life in the future.

  Love makes everything positive.

 Life itself is a really incredible thing.

 Nature gives us all kinds of feelings.

 Opportunities of the future life give us enthusiasm.

 Peace in the world is life and opportunity for development.

 Health gives us energy, ability to work and help others.

  Money should be enough to support our life.

Research submitted by Olga Timirgalieva,

Academic Lycee under UWED, Uzbekistan

In this section:

-The most popular positive things in countries where our Circle Mates live

-Essays, poems

-Recommendations how to think positive

Positive Things in Our Life Section Editors:

Ludmila Kamalova,

Teacher of English

Academic Lycee under UWED Students:

Olga Timirgalieva and Ruslan Mavlyanov,

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One can’t live without friends, especially teenagers. It’s not easy

to meet a true and faithful friend. School is the place where the real friendship begins. A real friend is the one who is ready to share not only your joys but all your sorrows and troubles. A devoted friend is

the one to whom you can turn for help and advice in the most unhappy moments of your life. Your friend is the one whose company you enjoy

and without whom you feel lonely. I suppose that friendship makes people to be more noble. You learn

to value devotion and sincerity. On the other hand friendship develops your responsibility and your ability

to consider other people’s feelings and opinions.

Friendship is a great power!

                  Yuliya Pan

Academic Lycee under UWED, Uzbekistan


Family  is  one  of  the  most  saint  things in  life of  a  man. Everyone  loves  and  values his  family , because in the family a man  grows  up, and  here  he is loved  and  respected. A man  shares his  secrets with  his family. He knows  that  his family  will  always help  him in  any  situation any time.

 I  think  that  if  the  members of  a  family  do  not  love  each  other ,  their  family  can  not  be  happy.

 When young people are going to have their own family they must  be  sure  that they love  each  other. Then they are strong  and are not afraid of anything. This  is the most essential ingredient of any  family.

I want to say that if  you  love each other in your family, you are the happiest  person  in  the  world!

Ruslan Mavlyanov

Academic Lycee under UWED ,Uzbekistan



True and wonderful

Makes people crazy

Paints the world in bright colors



Honest and noble

Always ready to help

Makes me feel safe



Remote and inaccessible

Glimmering miracles

Take care about lovers



Perfidious and powerful

Full of life

Boundless sea

                         Irina Skosireva

               Academic Lycee under UWED




Love- unforgettable  feeling!

Love… What do we understand when we hear this word? Joy, happiness, pain, strong desire? The understanding of love is really different. For many people  and teenagers  love is some pretty, nice and strong feeling. Love makes us  live and breathe. It’s an incentive of the life, the feeling that was given us by God. Love is something that we value and don’t want to loose. It’s the dearest thing to a person, it’s what our life depends on. Some people say that love is pain and it brings only misfortunes. But in reality, love is everything: friendship, respectful relationships, happiness, adventures, keen sensations, extreme. Only  2-3%  of us think  that  love  doesn’t  give  anything to a person  and doesn’t play  any  role in his life.

      There are many  kinds of love: love  to friends and relatives, love to nature, love to contrary sex, love  to neighbors, love to parents, etc.

       So, is it necessary to love and be loved? Yes, of course. Because it’s  the most positive thing in our life  that makes our life more colorful. All my friends say that they can’t imagine life without love. Really, love is unforgettable feeling that will always live in the heart!

       In conclusion, I can say, “Love and be loved!”


Love doesn’t have limits!

Love  doesn’t have limits!

As there is no number for the    

                        stars in the skies.

Love  should be  deep in the heart.                                     Everything  will shine more 

                       brighter than ever.

Love doesn’t have limits!

And distances are not misfortune.

Love- it’s like a song of the birds.

Only love lives in your heart.

Love doesn’t have limits!

As there is no bottom of water in   

                                       the seas.

You should only love somebody.

And be happy with all your open   


Love doesn’t have limits!

And a thousand miles is not an    


Love is an endless thread.

It’s a great joy for your soul.

Atajanova Kamola

Academic Lycee under UWED






Some advice how to stay optimists in our life

-If you have lost a competition be sure that you will have another chance in future.

-Try to see positive sides of people and you will see how many excellent people are around you.

-If you are in a bad mood remember that life never stops. The sun is always shining behind the clouds.

-       - Remember that everything has two sides: positive and negative. 

If you recognize the positive side in a distressing and gloomy situation,  you will be able to use the situation beneficially for yourself.

Belief in yourself! Be confident and you will achieve success!

Sometimes it is useful to foresee

potential problems that might happen in the future and estimate your chances to succeed.  First: you will not be frustrated if you don’t win. Second: you will have more chances to overcome. Third:            ”Fortune favors brave”.

How to win

We asked our American teacher from Peace Corps to share his ideas and what he told us.

I want to share brief ideas  which may help you a lot if you apply them.

1 Be proactive.

Do things! Act before you are asked to act. Think ahead!

2 Begin with the goal in mind.

With a vision of your goal you have a sense

Of fulfillment when you reach the goal.

Plan on a goal and reach it!

3 Put first things first.

What is most important needs to be done now. Do not wait. Doing the right thing may not be easy, still it is the right thing.

4 Think “win-win” not “win-lose”.

In all personal relations there are four outcomes:

 1)”win-win”- I get what I want and so do you;

 2)”win-lose”: I win at your expense;

 3) “lose-win”: I lose at your expense; and     4) ‘Lose-lose”: we both fail to get what we want. Always strive to make others around you “win” and then to be a “winner”. Positive attitudes create these!

5 Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Always listen first. Be sure you know another person’s viewpoint, reasons and feelings before you share your own. You will be seen as being polite and will probably learn something too!

6  Synergize.

Use the energy, ideas, talents and strength of those around you. See the good in others and praise it. This makes them better people and helps you as well.

7 Constantly improve yourself.

Always seek to learn, improve your physical health, and strengthen your spiritual being. With a dull saw we can not saw trees. If you “sharpen your saw”, you continue to be proactive.

Positive Things in Our Life team:

Shahnoza Horinova,Barno Nazarmukhamedova, Kamola Atajanova, Irina Skosireva, Olga Timirgalieva, Mavlyanov Ruslan.  

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The USA                                                                        

We had a wonderful discussion about the  “Positive Things in Our Lives”. This was a way to think very creatively and with a happy conclusion. It helped us to gain gratitude for the bigger and smaller things in our lives.

Water is necessary to sustain life.

v    -Food is needed for energy.

v    -Friends are needed for support.

v    -Freedom of Speech lets us express who we are.

v    -Music is an important part of American culture.

v    -TV/ Movies provide entertainment and education.

v    -Concerts provide a way to vent.

v    -Chairs are a way to take a break

v    -Deodorant provides relief from bad bodily smells.

v    -Cars provide transportation.

v    -Computers help with many forms of education and communications.

This list does not include our family, because it is the most important of all! Our families are who we share all of the above with.

Submitted by Carly, Tim, Raz, and Spencer of the Edmonds Cyberschool.

Our advice how to be Positive and optimistic:

You should think happy things, smile, and look for the good in stuff.

                          Submitted by Abe

Positive Things Include:

1 Air                       6 Pets and family

2 Movies                 7 Good grades                      

3 Books                   8 Friends

4 Games                  9 Money

5 Food and water    10 School

Submitted by Abe

Edmonds Cyberschool, USA

Positive Things in Our Lives

Hello! My name is Tim. I’ll tell you about my attitude towards school.

I enjoy school. I’m mostly homeschooled, but I go to a resource center in Edmonds, called the Edmonds Cyberschool. (It is not a computer school!)

Anyways, I enjoy school very much.  My favorite subject is probably math. Writing is o.k., but I don’t like to write huge papers.  I don’t know much history, but I do like to learn. In summary, I don’t really have a subject that I don’t like. I’ve included a list of 10 positive things in my life. I hope you find them interesting. (They are not in any particular order.)

I like…

1 reading                6 money                          

2 playing cards.      7 video games.

3 doing sports.       8 watching T.V.

4 my family and      9 martial Arts.

   my friends.          10being     

5 computers.              homeschooled.


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   Almaty School   Kazakhstan                                     

Friendship turns into love

 In my opinion there is one the most important thing in the world. This is friendship. We can’t buy it for money. There are not many people who haven’t any friends. Usually people find common interests and become friends. Some people can easy do it, but some people have some problems but they value their friends greatly.

We can spend free time with our friends. Friends should help and give support to each other. They respect each other and share their secrets. Some people have friendship relations because they want to live in peace.

It must be dull to have no friends. It is happiness to have many true friends.

Lilya Gabdulina

School №7

My hero is Alicia Keys. I am amazed by her. She is so young and so talented. When I heard her voice I couldn’t imagine who it was. Her voice isn’t like anyone’s else. It’s so strong and marvelous. She sings about real life of people. I can feel that she loves and respects me.

All her songs have the same character. She sings that life is a very hard thing.  Many people die every day. Some of them are those whom we love. We must not forget them but we must live on and think about future. What she says is great because it’s true. Alicia is a remarkable pianist, she also writes music

I think everyone can relax listening to her music.

Sasha Bakulina

School №7

I am going to leave my school soon. I don’t know where I will study then. I’m preparing for my exams and it’s the most important thing for me now. But usually I spend my free time with my friends or at the sports club. I try to keep fit and be in a good shape, so I go jogging in the morning.

Last summer was wonderful. First, I went to the camp with my friend and it was cool. It was in the mountains, so the air was very clear and cool. We had discos every day! After discos we had a good sleep.

Next I went to Issyk - Kul lake and it was great too. Swimming from morning till night, discos, hiking in mountains, walking. I will remember that summer forever.

Sasha Bakulina

School №7

There are many kinds of rest in the world. Everyone spends his free time how he wants. Somebody reads books and magazines, watches TV or listens to music. Somebody has a good time with his friends in the public places of entertainment.

I usually prefer sleeping. It is wonderful! You come from school very tired and go to sleep! THIS IS SUPER! You may not think- just sleeping and resting.

Dream is very useful. Dream is medicine for many diseases. When I‘ve got enough sleep I feel fine and high spirited. I advise everyone-sleep more!

Dina  Kalieva    School №7


Hi, my name is Oleg. I like working on computer. In the Internet you can find a lot of interesting things.  Computers play an important role in our life. Life would be inconceivable without them. They are used in Industry.  People can get acquainted with each other through the Internet.

Our school participates in many electronic conferences, worldwide.

Oleg Kostromykin

School №7

I want to tell you about sport in Kazakhstan. Sport takes a great part in my life and lives of

all people in our country. People of Kazahstan like playing many sports games. But the most popular is football, basketball and bowling.

 I like sport very much. My favorite sport is karate and bowling. I have been in sports for 5 years. I do karate. And for 1 year - bowling. I am the Champion of the World, Kazahstan, Almaty and AMO(Academy of  Martial Arts). I take part in competitions every year and sometimes every month. I have been in America, Netherlands, Turkey.  I became Candidate Master of Sport. And the next competition which I want to win is the Olympic games.

Kseniya Dostovalova

School 7


Kazakhstan  School №103

In life each man has some moments, which is pleasant to recollect.

Just such moments make life perfect.

I have many such positive moments.

The first songs of the mother at our cradle;

the first birthday in life;

our first steps;

the first words are remarkable moments in life, they can be  tested

only by time during life; school, lovely school days, circle of the friends.

Who else  will accompany us in our life?

My days at school are very cheerful



and amusing:

 it is very interesting to me to come here;

teachers, who surround me, are simply remarkable.

Frequently there are funny situations, which are remembered as happy

years of childhood.

I would like that children of all the world live this life in peace and without

war and difficulties.

Yegorova Vlada 8b

School №103

Almaty, Kazakhstan



The results of the questionaire on Positive Things In Life came as the outcome of a lesson where we brainstormed the topic. We then decided that it might be interesting to see if there is a difference between boys and girls.

The results for the boys:

First place: Love, Girls and Sex

Second: Friends and Family

Third: Sleeping

Fourth: Music and Smiles

Fifth: Sport, Chocolate and Candies

: The results for the girls

First place: Friends and Family

Second: Love, Boys and Sex

Third: Smiles

Fourth: Peace

Fifth: Babies


List of 10 positive things

1 Friendship and


2 Family

3 Love

4 Hobbies

5 Pets

6 Entertainment

7 Good results in


8 Being confident

in yourself and in


9 Delicious food

10 Education and

Our attitude to studies

Well, in our list you can see that education is really one of the most important things for our pupils. And here are some of their thoughts and ideas on why we like to study at school.

We have also arranged them in order of importance

So, the pupils like their studies and school because

1.They get a lot of new and useful information

2.They can associate with their friends that brings them fun and happiness

3.At school they can get acquainted with different interesting people and find real friends

4.they have a lot of favourite subjects and extra-curriculum classes

5.they have different extra-class activities that make their life various, interesting, full of impressions, and develop them both intellectually and spiritually

Our advice on how to be positive and optimistic in life

If you want to be optimistic in life, you should

Spend more time with people who are dear to you and with people in general

Not to think too much about the problems and should believe that black bar will be over at last


                                                                                   Belarus  School №                                                                

                                                                            Ukraine Page № 9

Positive  things  in  our  life:



Our interests






  Hope for better life

  Good marks

     Lena Tralo, 9 Grade.  I have a lot of positive things in my life. My family is the most positive thing in my life, because it gives me a hope for better life. Friendship is another positive thing, because it is one of the most important human relations. And I think that every bad thing has its good side. You should believe in yourself and be enthusiastic. No matter how dark or bright it may seem, it is up to you to make your life better.

Olexandra Nichiporuk, 9 Grade : Good things in our life make our life better and interesting. As for me, for happiness I need only peace in our country, good relations in my family and with my friends. I am sure that it plays a very important role. And, of course, you need health and money. There are a lot of negative sides in our life, but we should not pay attention to them and we should enjoy our life.

 Andrey Biba: I think, that life itself is a pleasant thing. On the Earth there live a lot of people and all of them have pleasant things. For some it is hobby, for others it is when they are with their friends. As for me ,I enjoy playing computer games, or when I spend my free time with my friends. I also like singing songs.
Lena Mikhailova: I like when my parents are with me and it is peace in the world. I like cooking very much. And I think that the best.

moments for all students are the school holidays. It is very pleasant when I can do what I want.

Tania Babar: The most pleasant thing in my life is music. It is my hobby. I

go to music school and in future I ‘d like to become a musician. I like singing songs and dancing. I am also fond of playing basketball. I like people with whom I can speak about everything.

Igor Senchenko: I like playing with my friends. I like being at home and don’t like to go to school. Football is a very pleasant thing. I like my birthday when my friends come to me .I like new games and collecting sticks. I like good days.

Annya Apanasko:I like many pleasant things. I like giving presents to other people. I like teenage Disco, animals and food .I don’t like being hungry. I like getting good marks on English and other subjects.

Zhenya Amelchenko: I have many hobbies: dancing is my favourite. I also like active games. I have a lot of friends, a friendly family. I have good marks at school. All these make my life interesting.

Nastya Levchenko: There were a lot of pleasant moments in my life. One of them was when I went to the first class and got acquainted with all my classmates, and then we  went to the aqua-park together.

Now I like to go to the sea very much. I enjoy running along the beach with my friends and playing in the water.