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The Learning Circles Course
iEARN Schools Communicating Through Learning Circles


Final Projects
Learing Circles Course

Session 2


Middle School:

Silva Skoberne
Grade 7
Prebold, Slovenia

Topic - We Can Make a Difference
Project Website -

Azeddine Taggouch
Grades 8-16
Ouhoud Private School for Education and Learning
Masmoudi, Marrakech
, Morocco

Topic - Discover You City
Download PowerPoint presentation - marrakech.ppt (14.2 MB)

Wael Issa Seitan
Grade Level 11
Ahlyyiah School for Girls
Amman, Jordan

Topic - Seven Wonders of the World
Project Website -


High School: The Arts

Linda Superville
The University of Trinidad and Tobago
Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry Campus

Centeno via Arima,Trinidad and Tobago
Topic - Cultural Puppets
Download PowerPoint presentation - puppets.ppt (724 KB)
Images of the project:
Gathering materials - puppets1.jpg (28 KB)
Assembling materials - puppets2.jpg (28 KB)
Assembling materials - puppets3.jpg (28 KB)
Finished puppets - puppets4.jpg (28 KB)

Mohamed Tajy
Grade Level 10

Topic - Drama
Download document - project.doc (1.1 MB)



High School Group: Global Awareness

Prodip Kumar Sarker
Grade Levels 11 and 12
Government Ainuddin College

Madhukhali, Faridpur District, Bangladesh
Topic - Increase of Global Warming and Our Duties
Download document - globalWarming.doc (76 KB)

Pedro Espinoza
Ages 11-17
Instituto Blaise Pascale
Oaxaca, México

Topic - What’s Your Carbon Footprint?
Project Website -
Video - globalWarming.wmv (8.5 MB)
Images of project:
Student work - pascaleStudents1.jpg (28 KB)
Student work - pascaleStudents2.jpg (28 KB)
Student work - pascaleStudents3.jpg (28 KB)
Student work - pascaleStudents4.jpg (28 KB)

Dennis Carter
Grades 9-12
Frederick Douglass Academy III
Bronx, New York, USA

Topic - Through My Eyes
Download PowerPoint presentation - throughMyEyes.ppt (120 KB)


High School Group: Global Concerns

Rose Nambuye
Ages 13 – 19
St Agnes Girl’s High School
Luhya, Kenya

Topic - Househelp
Download document - househelp.doc (32 KB)

Abraham Acquaye
Grade Level 12
Labone Secondary School
Labone, Ghana

Topic - Networking
Download PowerPoint presentation - networking.ppt (72 KB)

Ibrahim A Kamara
Grades 7 and 9
Empowering Children School No: 12c
Congo town, Freetown,
Sierra Leone

Topic - Empowering Children School
Project Website -