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The Learning Circles Course
iEARN Schools Communicating Through Learning Circles


Final Projects
Learing Circles Course

January to April 2010


Students and Their Life (Group A):

Agolla Prisca Lilian
Grade 3K
Aga Khan Academy
Mombasa, Kenya, East Africa

Topic - Are We Healthy?
Download PowerPoint presentation - powerpoint.ppt (1.1 MB)

Claire Dean
Grades 6 and 7
Learning Circle Computer Club
Stirling Primary School
Stirling, East London, South Africa

Topic - A Day in the Life of a Student
Download document - aDayInTheLifeOf.doc (752 KB)

Alex Okwaput
Bishop’s Senior School Mukono
Mukono, Uganda, East Africa

Topic - Our Traditional Dress, Our Way of Life!
Download document - traditionalDress.pdf (344 KB)

Vinita Mala
Grade 7
Collegiate Junior School for Girls
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Topic - Taking Precautions and Safety
Download document - safetySecurity.pdf (5.1 MB)

Understanding Our Diversity (Group B)

Majid Ambusaidi
G.7 and G.8
Al-Basheer bin Al-Munther
Nizwa, Oman

Topic - Healthy Foods Around the World
Download PowerPoint presentation - healthyFood.ppt (2.5 MB)
Download PowerPoint presentation - healthyFood.pptx (Word 2008; 2.3 MB)

Shariful Anwar
9th, 11th, 12th Grade
Oxford International School
Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Topic - Roll of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Business
Download document - ICT.doc (144 KB)
Download document - ICT.docx (Word 2008; 84 KB)

Hasan Karableyeh
Grades 9 and 10
Ibn Rush Basic School for Boys
Hebron, Palestine

Topic - Our National Flag, National Anthem, and Emblem
Download document - flagAnthemProject.doc (168 KB)

Mohammad Badawy Ahmad Hassan
1st, 2nd, 3rd Secondary Level
Alta'awon Boys' Secondary School
Muharraq, Bahrain

Topic - Our House, Our History
Download document - houses.doc (408 KB)



Teenage Life (Group C)

Fatma Rashed Salim AL Maamari

12 Science and Art Sections
Atika for Basic Education School
Saham, Oman

Topic - Why English Is Important For You?
Project Website -

Abdesalam Zouita
9, 10, and 12 Grade Levels
Mohamed V High School
Lâayoune, Morocco

Topic - Modern Technology Tools Uses
Download document - technology.doc (64 KB)

Nancy Ngowa
Grade Levels 12-13
The Aga Khan Academy
Mombasa, Kenya

Topic - Global Teenager
Download document - globalTeens.pdf (144 KB)

Anthony Gioko
Years 12 and 13
The Aga Khan Academy
Mombasa, Kenya

Topic - We Are What We Listen
Project Website -


Our Life, Our Community (Group D)

Sadiq Abdul Jalil Salman
Shaik Abdul Aziz Secondary Boy's School
Al-Adliya, Manama, Bahrain

Topic - Cultural Shock
Download document - culturalShock.doc (644 KB)

Daniel Kamau
Form 2 and 3
Kikuyu Day Secondary School
Kikuyu, Kenya

Topic - Mathematics, Our Lifestyle
Download PowerPoint presentation - mathOurLifestyle.ppt (296 KB)

Mahsina Akhter
Grades 11 and 12
Dr Shahidullah College
Bakshiibazar, Lalbagh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Topic - Your Town, In This Season
Download document - yourTown.doc (892 KB)

Sebastian Sackey-Addoo
Sackey-Addoo Secretarial Institute
Korle-bu, Accra, Ghana

Topic - Gender Disparity
Download PowerPoint presentation - genderDisparity.ppt (1.0 MB)
Download PowerPoint presentation - genderDisparity.pptx (Word 2008; 240 KB)