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The Learning Circles Course
iEARN Schools Communicating Through Learning Circles


Final Projects
Learing Circles Course

October to December 2010


Elementary: Group A

Catherine Wolinsky and Mr. Sellinger
Grade 3
Yarmouth Elementary School
Yarmouth, Maine, USA

Topic - Exploring Our World
Download PowerPoint presentation - exploringOurWorld.ppt (1.1 MB)

Chen Fang
Ages 7 - 11
South Pudong Road Elementary School
Shanghai, China

Topic - Houses
Download document - wordDocument.doc (800 KB)

Jianyu Gao
Ages 10 -12
Pudong Nanlu Primary School
Beijing, China

Topic - My Favorite Job
Download document - futureJob.doc (36 KB)


Middle School 1: Group B

Doina Gheorghita
Grades 5 to 8
Mihail Koiciu School
Constantza, Romania

Topic - The Perfect School
Download zipped video file - perfectSchool.rar (10.8 MB)

Ying Zhang
Grade 8
Shanghai Jin Cai High School
Shanghai, China

Topic - School Uniforms
Download PowerPoint presentation - schoolUnforms.ppt (14.5 MB)

Liu Huiqin
Grades 9 and 10
DongChang Middle School South
Attached to East China Normal University
Shanghai, China

Topic - Homeowork
Download PowerPoint presentation - homework.ppt (980 KB)

Middle School 2: Group C

Liying Ding

Grade 7
Shanghai Pudong Foreign Languages School
Pudong, Shanghai, China

Topic - Choosing A Home
Download PowerPoint presentation - powerpoint.ppt (1.1 MB)

Jaleela A-Siyabi
Class 9/6: Jawaher Siyabi, Aysha Shabiby
Class 9/3: Kadija Zadjali, Maha Shabibi, Ameera Bloshi, Bothina
Shams Al. Huda
Musana, Oman

Topic - Folktales
Download zipped video file - omanFolktale1.rar (32.8 MB)
Download zipped video file - omanFolktale2.rar (29.5 MB)
Download zipped video file - omanFolktale3.rar (20.0 MB)
Download zipped video file - omanFolktale4.rar (21.9 MB)

Svetlana Kurkova
Grades 6 - 7
Gymnasium of Labytnangi
Labytnangi, Russia

Topic - Migration of Peoples
Download PowerPoint presentation - migration.ppt (184 KB)

High School: Group D

Rong Lu and Lidan Yu
Grade 10
Pudong Institute of Education Development
Shanghai, China

Topic - Local History
Download PowerPoint presentation - introductionLocal.ppt (2.8 MB)
Download PowerPoint presentation - societyLocal1.ppt (9.0 MB)
Download PowerPoint presentation - historyLocal2.ppt (1.1 MB)
Download PowerPoint presentation - geographyLocal3.ppt (1.5 MB)
Download PowerPoint presentation - powerpoint.ppt (1.1 MB)

Sadia Wajid
Al Ameen Private School
Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emerate
Topic - Social Networking
Project Website -