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The Learning Circles Course
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Final Projects
Learing Circles Course

Fall 2006

Elementary School Travel Guide Group High School
  Tsunami Project  

Elementary School:

Shari Birdoff and Jennifer Strube
Class 2-217
James Weldon Johnson, PS/MS 57
New York City, New York, USA

Topic - World Money
View pictures of projects - worldMoney.html


Travel Guide Group:

Shazia Ferdous
Grade 8
Civil Aviation Authority Model School Number 2
Karachi, Pakistan
Topic - Travel Guides
Download document- travelItinerary.doc (1.6 MB)
Download document- travelGuide.doc (3.3 MB)

Joanne Smith
Grades 9 - 12
Burlington Township High School
Burlington, New Jersey

Topic - Travel Brochures for the United States, Pakistan, and The Sultanate of Oman
Project Website -

Laila Al Rawahi
Grade 9
Umm Aymen Basic School
Izki, The Sultanate of Oman

Topic - Travel Guide - Top Things To See
Download Powerpoint Presentation - topThingsToSee.doc (728 KB)


High School: World Issues:

Victoria Aiyemo
Senior Secondary
MyTown, My Country

Topic - Human Rights
Download document - humanRights.doc (52 KB)

Ahlam Al-Mammary
Grades 10 and 11
Atika School
Muscat, The Sultanate of Oman
Topic - Natural Environments

Download document - naturalEnvironment.doc (28 KB)

Grace Mulei
Tala Girls Secondary School
Eastern Province, Kenya

Topic - Human Rights

Project Website -
Download Powerpoint Presentation - kenyaTravelGuide.ppt (8.6 MB)
Open Picture - studentDrawing1.jpg (632 KB)
Open Picture - studentDrawing2.jpg (720 KB)
Open Picture - traditionalNyatiti.jpg (728 KB)
Download document - kenyaTravelGuide.doc (28 KB)
Download document - kenyaTsunamiProject.doc (44 KB)

Tsunami Project :

Chu Maw Ping
Jun Fui, Jun Yin, Nicholas, Zhi Yang, Mee Yein, Yu Liang, Chi Choy, Jian Le
Secondary School
SMJK Poi Lam
Ipoh, Perak

Topic - The Structure of Tsunami Detector
Download Powerpoint Presentation - tsunamiDetection.ppt (676 KB)

Sook Fun Yau
Year 6
Sungai Dendang Primary School
Perak, Malaysia

Topic - Tsunami Awareness

Download document - myProject.doc (56 KB)

Ismi Kamarul Sham Ismail
Form 1 to Form 5
Batu 4 National Secondary School
Perak, Malaysia

Topic - Science of Tsunami

Download Powerpoint Presentation - tsunamiDescription.ppt (764 KB)

Grace Mulei
Tala Girls Secondary School
Eastern Province, Kenya

Topic - Tsunami Poetry

Download document - kenyaTsunamiProject.doc (44 KB)