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Bulletin Board Evaluation

Bulletin Board Evaluation is an effective strategy for evaluating student work without taking too much class time. Here is how it is done. Display the written work as it is received on the bulletin board with an evaluation sheet next to it. Across the top of the evaluation sheet are headings like the following: Interesting Topic, Well Written, Rich in Details, Informative, Strong Beginning, Good Organization, Unusual Ending.

Students read the articles at home or during free time and rate them in terms of the above features. When they finish their work or before and after class, they find the name of the article and check any of the features that apply. These rating sheets are used to decide which articles to include. Because of the public nature of the evaluation, it is best used only on articles that come from other schools. To further protect the writer, you might want to cover the name of the author during the review process. This is a good strategy for the shorter Fall sessions because the evaluation occurs as the articles are received. The teacher can save highly ranked articles on a publishing disk and students can create begin editing and preparing graphics for accepted articles.


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