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Sending and Storing Student Work

Many communication programs make it very easy to organize mail but it is important to set up procedures when many different people will be working within the same account.

Some teachers find that it is best to have students compose their work on the word processing program and then import the text to the communication software after it is have been reviewed by a teacher or group of students. This gives students access to more sophisticated editing tools and usually a spell checker. Others teachers have students prepare their writing within the communication software as spell checkers are and formatting options have greatly improved in recent years.

You may find it productive to identify a mail disk or create a mail folder in your communication program and have students save any work that is ready to send to the Learning Circle. This will give you a chance to see the mail that is ready to go out and keep track of what your students are sending. At regular intervals, daily, bi-weekly, or weekly, send the work to your Learning Circle conference. Once the work is sent, you may want to move it to another folder for storage.

It is best to send work for each project in a separate message. Your Circle facilitator may suggest that each project be a thread in the conference structure to help organize the interaction online. Please remind your students to include the following information with each contribution to a Learning Circle project:

  1. Name of the project
  2. Name of author(s) or researchers
  3. Name of school and city.

When enclosing attachments, it is important to keep all of this information for with files as they may be printed seperate from the email message. Without the author's name and school name with each contribution it can sometimes be difficult to determine which site provided the information. When you publish your project in the Circle publication, you will want to make sure that you include the location of contributing authors.



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