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From: !marieak005 (Terry Martin)
Date: Apr 26 14:20 PDT 1999
To : !sc4:cir
Subject: Terry/AK - Print Plan

Hi Circlemates,

We have decided to go with the old fashioned cut and paste method. As you know I have limited access to computers and I think this will work best for my students. But the good news is that I have access to a laser printer! A parent has offered to take the disk and print the files with her laser printer. Right now, my thought is to print it in a long column (3 1/4'') and paste it into two columns. I know that it doesn't matter if we do it the same way, but I think it will look nicer if there is some consistency. Of course, if your work fits better on one page, that is fine. In fact, I think that the data report on our survey is going to be a full page size.

I have to tell the person who is going to do the printing what font and point size to use. I was thinking of Times size 10 but I'm open to any group decision. I will need to know by next week as we have the intro ready and I want to do a little of this each day. If you are still sending us things for our project, we will need them by May 3rd at the latest.

My student editors are not sure about the length of our summary, but I think that we can manage to fit all the wonderful things you have sent us in 6-7 pages.

Let me know what you think.

Terry Martin
Marie Drake School
Juneau, Alaska



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