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I, for one, did not even know how to turn on a modem when I agreed to work with a circle my first semester. Now I am beginning to feel like I know a little bit about computers.

There have been so many instances where I have been able to vent frustration over a particular classroom problem then find exciting, viable solutions offered by teachers from across the country online within twenty four hours. Then there have been the evenings when I have forced myself to collect mail in spite of the exhaustion, just to find a joke, message or information which lifted my spirits and removed all traces of the tiredness. Several times I have found the "latest news" in professional publications to be on subjects which we have been bantering about online for several weeks.

This network offers a diverse group of colleagues at a variety of levels who are all dedicated enough to education to offer assistance in all situations. Perhaps we all feel safer speaking out when we are not looking in anyone's eyes, but whatever the reasons this network has helped me to grow as a person as well as teacher.

Margaret Read
Pacific View Elementary
Encinitas, CA

Both of us have been very proud of the way that our classes have worked and learned together. There were times when we were all very frustrated but we feel good about our finished product and realize that many hours of good thinking went into summarizing and analyzing the surveys that were sent to us. Actually, it was a more difficult task than we had anticipated, but we think the effort was well worth the results. Our students had to think and ask themselves some good questions and then work to make their answers clear enough so that others could understand what they meant.

We are looking forward to our work next year with another Learning Circle. The children who are in the fourth grade this year will be our experts and both of us continue to understand things better, too. Thanks again. It's been great getting to know other people from all over the country and to realize that there are many, many wonderful students and teachers everywhere.


Dorothy Harris and Claudia Patton
202 North Walnut
Lamoni, Iowa 50140

I've learned that many of the problems I face are shared by many people around the globe. You have given me great ideas which I could then modify and use--excellent examples of how to help students improve their writing skills. You are all wonderful mentors. I really enjoyed the discussions critiquing different software and hardware. It is fascinating to read about all the new technology that all of you are incorporating into your classrooms!

Often a word of praise from my online peers has helped me feel better after a really tough day. I really enjoy the wit and humor of your messages. Learning to use new technology helps me as a teacher be more understanding to kids who might have difficulty learning new concepts. I am able to be more aware of the need for kind, encouraging words to my students, because I received so may kind and encouraging words from all of you!



Clare Devine
Toms River, NJ


I am very well pleased with having fully accomplished the objectives which I had set for entering this telecommunication project. That was to introduce kids to telecommunication and to integrate computers into existing Language arts curriculum. There were enriching benefits such as geographic knowledge gained, global understandings expanded and being motivated to dig a bit deeper for research because it would be widely read.

Barbara Kingsley
Wisconsin Rapids WI

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