Learning Circle Students I*EARN Computer Chronicles, Middle School (iearn.ccm1), May, 1997

Alden Place Elementary School
New York U.S.A.
"Alexandru Papiu Ilarian" High school
Dej Jud. Cluj ,Romania
Mill Creek Middle School
7305 Dexter Ann Arbor Michigan, U.S.A.
St. Croix Falls Middle School
Wisconsin, U.S.A.
Wilson Bruce Evans Middle School
Washington, DC, U.S.A.
J.V. Humphries School
British Columbia,
George. M. Verity Middle School
Kentucky, U.S.A.
"Professor M. S. Garza" Middle School
Nuevo Leon, Mexico
St. Patrick's High School
Quebec, Canada

Student Surveys


Alden Place Elementary School
PO Box AA, Alden Place
Millbrook, New York 12545
Teacher: David Grott
Grade: 6th
Students favourites:
Foods: Pizza, French Fries, Candy, Ice Cream
School Subjects: Gym, Math, Lunch, Recess, Spelling
Video Games: Sonic, Taz, Earthworm, Doom, NBA Jam
TV Shows: Home Improvement, Taz [Tasmanian Devil], Seinfield, Rug Rats
Sports: Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Skiing, Jet Skiing
Brand Name Clothing: Nike, Air Walk, Wilson, Calvin Klein, Adidas
Music Groups: Oasis, Green Day, Alanis Morisette, Tom Petty, Doctor Dre
Authors: R.L. Stine, Cynthia DeFelice, Jean Craighead George, Matt
          Christopher, Beverly Cleary
Alden Place Elementary School has 28 teachers and 386 students. Our mascot
is an Ape. It comes from our motto which is "Achievement plus pride equals
excellence" (A.P.E.). Our school day starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00
p.m. The school was made in 1964. The third grade wing was made in 1972 and
the fifth and six grade new wing was built in 1992. There are lots of stores
to shop in around our area, like those in the Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall.
Also, we are in the Hudson river valley with lots of old and big mansions on
the side of the Hudson river. For Colleges we have the Dutchess Community
College, SUNY College, New Plate, Vassar College, Marist College, Bard
College. We have famous people here like Marry Tyler More. We will be
working with N.A.S.A. on the Live from Mars Project. We are the only class
doing this. Our teacher sometimes works for NASA. Millbrook is 16 miles from
the Hudson River, and 16 miles from Connecticut. We are halfway between New
York City and Albany. If you go up the Hudson River from New York City and
find Poughkeepsie on the map, we are 16 miles due east of Poughkeepsie.


George M. Verity Middle School
2800 Kansas Street
Ashland, KY 41101 USA
Teacher: Kenna Beam
Grade: 8th
Class favorites:
Music groups: Bush, Spice Girls, Pink Floyd, No Doubt, Metallica, Nirvana
Authors: Stephen King, R. L. Stine, Lois Lowry, Judy Blume, E.B. White, Ann
Television programs: Friends, Rugrats, Seinfeld, Singled Out, Real World
Food: pizza, spaghetti, steak, hambugers, peanutbutter and jelly, Doritos
School subjects: gym, U.S. History, Kentucky History, Health, English,
Learning Circles.
Sports: basketball, football, soccer, baseball, cheerleading, gymnastics,
Video games: Donkey Kong, Mortal Combat, Tetris, Twisted Metal, Crusin' USA,
There are 29 students in the class and approximately 600 in the school. The
school colors are red, white, and blue. Our mascot is a patriot. There are
about 100 computers in our school. Most are IBM or clones. A couple in the
library are Apples. The school has been open about 13 years. It is on the
sight of a former junior high named Putnam. The old building was gutted and
Verity was built using part of the old walls and foundation. It is the only
middle school in town, it contains only 7th and 8th grades. Both our girl's
and boy's basketball teams are outstanding. Our high school program that is
fed from our program will be going to the state tournament this year.


"Alexandru Papiu Ilarian" Highschool - Dej
Piata Lupeni, nr. 2
4650 Dej, jud. Cluj
Teacher: Cornelia Platon
Grade: 8th
Students' favourites:
Music groups: Nirvana, The Prodigy, The Fugees, White Zomby, Tic Tac Toe,
              Peter Andre, No Doubt, Pearl Jam
Authors: Mihail Sadoveanu, Mihai Eminescu, Ion Creanga, Charles Dickens
          Jack London, Mark Twain
TV programs: PRO Tv, MTV, VIVA, Cartoon Network
Foods: chips, steak, chicken, pizza, icecream, chocolate, fruit salad
School subjects: English, Maths, Informatics
Sports: Basketball, tennis, athletics, swimming
Video game: WarCraft II
Our home page on the web: http://lcjdap.soroscj.ro
Our school has over 800 students and about 25 classes. The emblem of our
school is LAPI and the colours are red, blue and white. We are the only one
school connected to full Internet in our town and the only I*EARN school in
the county. Our school girls basketball team is one of the best in the
Dej is a little town in the centre of Transylvania, having an area of about
8 square kilometers and a population of approximately 50000 inhabitants.
People should visit our area because it has beautiful surroundings,
hospitable people and the food is very good.


St. Patrick's High School
75 Maisonneuve Ave
Quebec City, P.Q.
G1R 2C4
Teacher: Michelle Corriveau
Grade: 7th
Students' favourites:
Music groups: Smashing Pumpkins, Alanis Morrisette, NAS, Celine Dion, 2 Pac
Authors: Stephen King, Michael Chricton, Diane Hoh, R.L.Stine
TV programs: Simpsons, Seinfeld, Friends, Home Improvement, Beevis &
Foods: Fast Food, Italian Pasta, Pizza, Chicken, Kraft, Dinner or BBQ Steak
School subjects: English, Gym, Art, Spanish, Geography
Sports: basketball, bowling, football, swimming, soccer
Video game: Mortal Kombat, Mario, NBA Jam, Poker, Wrestle Mania
Our school has 240 students from grade 7 to 11. Our colours are green and
white, we also have a coat-of -arms. St. Patrick's is 154 years old, 
founded by the Christian Brothers in 1853.
Quebec City is located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. It has a
population of 550 thousand people. It is the oldest city in North
America.Every winter we have the Carnival de Quebec. Near out town there are
unusual land formation like: Montmorency Falls, St. Lawrence River,
Laurentian Mountains with ski slopes.


St. Croix Falls Middle School
740 Maple Drive
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024
Teacher: Mary Drinkwine
Students' favourites:
Music groups: No Doubt & Nirvana.
Favorite Authors: Gary Paulsen & Stephen King
Favorite T.V. programs: Seinfeld & Friends
Favorite foods: ice cream and pizza.
Favorite sports: soccer, gymnastics, football, basketball.
The number of students in the district is 1050 and the number of students in
M.S. is 355. The colours of our school are blue & white. The SCF school
district is a consolidated district made up of several small communities. We
have an k-3 building in Dresser, and k-3 building in Cushing, and a k-4
building in SCF in addition to the middle-high school building. Our school
provides many activities such as: forensics, student council, peer tutors,
band, chorus, Dramarama, school play, field trips, and sports teams to
participate in. All students in 7th & 8th grades must take science, English,
social studies, reading and math. They may also take electives such as: art,
tech ed, foreign language, speech, computer and consumer ed. We have an 8
period day plus an advisory group. Our advisory begins at 8:05 and the day
is over at 3:20 P.M. We have a 30 minute lunch break.
St. Croix Falls is located on the western border of Wisconsin onthe St.
Croix River. We are about 40 miles north and east of Minneapolis and St.
Paul, Minnesota. If you look on a map of Wisconsin, we are located under the
"nose". We have Lake Superior and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the
north, Lake Michigan to the east and Illinois to the south of us. Most of
our TV, radio and newspapers come out of Minneapolis and St. Paul. We do not
get much Wisconsin news unless we belong to cable.
SCF is a rural community. We were once a largely agricultural society but
now people live here and commute to jobs in Minneapolis and St. Paul. In the
summer, we have many lakes and rivers that are used for canoeing, swimming,
fishing, and camping. At Trollhaugen, there is a monster truck track and
they hold races and mud rallies. At Wild Mountain, we have water slides,
alpine slides, and go-carts. Trollhaugen and Wild Mountain are used for
downhill skiing in the winter. We have Interstate Park which is used year
round for recreation. In the summer, you can picnic, hike, camp, fish, swim,
rock climb and canoe. In the winter, there is cross-country ski trails and
snowshoeing. We have a local movie theater that has five screens.


Mill Creek Middle School
7305 Dexter Ann Arbor Rd.
Dexter, MI. 48130, USA
Teacher: Stacy Erickson
Grade: 8th
Students' favourites:
Music groups: No Doubt, Tupac, Korn, Pantera, Bush
Authors: Stephen King, Michael Crighton, Dean Koontz
TV programs: Simpsons, Home Improvement, Beavis and Butthead, King of the
Foods: pizza, McDonald's, ice cream, pasta, submarines
School subjects: science, gym, English, social studies
Sports: basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball, football
Video game: Quake, Mortal Kombat, many don't play
There are 415 students in the entire seventh and eighth grade. Our school is
a brand new school, one year old and it has very large carpeted classrooms,
big cafeteria and gymnasium, large media center and advanced technology lab.
The colours of our school are: maroon and gold and the mascot is Mariner.
Dexter is situated 40 miles southwest of Detroit, 8 miles outside of Ann
Arbor. The area of our community is 85 square miles and the population is
approximately 20000 people. Dexter Cider Mill is the oldest mill still
operating in Michigan.


J.V.Humphries School,
Box 577, Kaslo, B.C.,
Canada, VOG1MO
Teacher: Rod Dunnett
Grade: 7th
Students' favourites:
Music groups: Metallica, Beattles, Soundtracks, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath
Authors: Roald Dahl, Dr. Suess, James R. Ullman, Paul Zindel, Stephen King
TV programs: Simpsons, Home Improvement, Beavis & Butthead, Ricki Lake,
Foods: Pizza, Tacos, Fries, Steak, Chicken
School subjects: P.E., Recess, Science, Art, Math.
Sports: Soccer, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Badminton
Video game: Mario64, Doom, Sonic, Shadows of the Empire, Mortal Kombat
Movies: The Rock, Jaws, Star Wars, A Time to Kill, Losing Iasiah.
Brand Names: Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Airwalk.
Our school has 420 students. They are bussed in from Meadow Creek and
Argenta in the north and Ainsworth in the south. The school is small, we are
a kindergarden to grade 12 school and it has more advantages than
disadvantages. Our mascot is an Eagle and the colours of our school are red
and black. J.V.Humphries was the longest serving principal. This is the
fourth Kaslo School in our hundred year history and was just opened three
years ago. It is modern, well equipped and light and airy. The hallways are
called streets and lanes using local geographic places. For example, our
hallway is called Purcell Lane, which is the mountain range we see from our
play area.
Kaslo, B.C. is situated on the west shore of Kootenay Lake and the nearest
big centres are Vancouver in the west, a ten hour drive, Calgary to the
east, an eight hour drive, and Spokane, Washington, five hours to the south.
The most interesting land formations in our area are: High Mountains (up to
10000 feet), Hot Springs, 90 mile long lake, Kokanee Glacier Park.


Escuela Secundaria Numero 10 "Profesor Moises Saenz Garza"
Aramberri y Venustiano Carranza
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon,
Mexico C.P. 64000
Teacher: Martha Patricia Garza Martínez
Grade: 8th and 9th
There are 1769 students in this secondary school, the largest in the state.
The school is divided in 38 groups of 7th, 8th and 9th grades. The colours
of our school are blue and red and the mascot is an eagle called "Moi" from
Moises, the name of the school. This school "Profesor Moises Saenz Garza"
was opened in 1962. The actual Principal is the Professor Mr. Leonel Alcazar
Alvarado. Moises Saenz was educator, and he was a secondary school promotor
pioneer in 1926. He was born in a village near to Monterrey, in 1888. He
studied in the Teacher's School (Normal para maestros) and The University of
Jefferson in Washington D.C. and also at The Sorbona of Paris, to get his
Doctor Degree in Philosophy. He died when he was 53 years old in Lima Peru.
Our school is a vanguardist center in teaching programs in all country,
because it is one of the few that has formal computer teaching program
trough all the state. This means that the students take this class until
10th grade normally.
Monterrey City is named the industrial capital of Mexico bacause of its
company emporium of steel, glass, paper and beer factories. Monterrey was
founded in 1596 for a group of Spanish people with their families. Monterrey
is situaded at the northeast of Mexico and it is the capital of Nuevo Leon.
But Monterrey has on of the largest Museum of the Contemporary Art (MARCO)
and one of the most famous University of Latin-America, The Instituto
Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. It also has the
Latin-American largest exposition center, this structure having an area of
18000 sq metters. Our State is known for its traditional food. the visitors
always ask for roast kid goat "cabrito" and "machacado" (dried cow meet mix
with egg, chili and tomatoes).


Wilson Bruce Evans Middle School
5600 E. Capitol Street, NE
Washington, DC 20019
Teacher: Patricia Copelin
Grade: 7th and 8th
Students' favourites:
Music Groups: New Edition, 112, Wu-Tang, Fugees, Boyz II Men, Kirk Franklin
                and the Family (gospel)
Authors: R. L.Stine, Eloise Greenfield, Judy Blume, Shakespeare
TV Programs: (Most from Fox TV) Moesha, Malcolm & Eddie, Jamie Foxx, Family
               Matters, New York Undercover, Clueless
Foods: Pizza, steak & cheese, eggplant parmesian, ice cream, potatoes
               (mashed, french fries, sweet potatoes)
School subjects: P.E., English, Science, Media Tech., Geography
Sports: Basketball, football, hockey, skiing
Video game: Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Mario All Stars, Street Fighter
Our school has 478 students and our colours are purple and gold. The mascot
of our school is a Soaring Eagle. Our school was named after Wilson Bruce
Evans, an African-American educator who believed that students should be
taught to work with their hands. He is credited with establishing the first
vocational school in DC. He served as principal at several schools including
the Armstrong Technical High School.
We are located on the northeast coast of the United States of America.
Washington, DC is divided into 4 quadrants - NE, SE, NW, SW. We live in the
far NE quadrant near the Maryland line. Our national city is home to the
President of the United States. Washington lies on the east bank of the
Potomac River at the head of navigation and at its confluence with the
Anacostia River. The city was authorized by an act of Congress, and the site
was selected by President George Washington in 1790.
The city is rich in political history of the nation, from the inauguration
of Jefferson to the assassination of Lincoln, the burial of Kennedy and the
resignation of Nixon. The name of the city derives from George Washington, 
1st President of the U.S.


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